Retainers Newly straightened teeth? We can help you keep them that way with custom retainers that are designed to fit your beautiful, straight arches perfectly. Retainers are worn every day for months or years, so it’s important that they’re made from durable material that holds up to wear and tear. Our retainers are designed in a professional dental laboratory so you need fewer replacements.

Retainers are custom devices designed to hold your teeth in place. They’re often prescribed after orthodontic treatment, such as braces/invisalign, to keep your bite in place after it’s been reshaped or corrected. Wearing a retainer can be irritating, but it’s a mild inconvenience compared to having to go through having braces all over again.

Types of retainers

There are three types of retainers that orthodontists prescribe after you’ve had your braces removed. Both types are prescribed to keep your teeth from moving and to settle them permanently in their new place.

Bonded retainer

The first type is called a bonded retainer. It’s attached to your teeth after your braces are removed to keep them in place for the first few months after treatment. A bonded retainer is recommended if you need to wear your retainer at all times as a follow-up to orthodontic treatment.

Hawley retainer

The second type of retainer is the removable kind. Hawley retainers, also called wire retainers, can be taken out for cleaning and for eating meals. Having a removable retainer doesn’t mean it’s any less important for you to wear your retainer and follow your dentist’s instructions.

Clear plastic retainer

The third type of retainer is another removable kind. Also called a molded retainer, it’s designed to mold to and fit the new position of your teeth perfectly. Clear plastic retainers have become popular in recent years because they’re virtually invisible and more likely to be worn. This retainer isn’t the same thing as Invisalign, which is used to straighten teeth, not prevent them from moving out of position.

How many hours per day do you need to wear a retainer?

If you have a bonded retainer, you’ll be wearing it all day and all night. But if you have a removable retainer, the rules are a little bit different. You may receive different instructions depending on your specific treatment needs. The typical guideline for a removable retainer is to wear it full time, except for mealtimes and cleanings, for the first 4 to 6 months after your braces are removed, according to the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. However, a 2010 survey of orthodontists showed that many recommend that you wear your removable retainer at all times for at least 9 months following the removal of braces. After several months have passed and you’re cleared by your dentist, you may be able to cut back to wearing your retainer every night while you sleep.


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